International Association of Addiction Professionals (IAAP) is a private corporation which offers voluntary credentialing, standards and testing to Addiction Professionals, Recovery Coaches, Peer Support Coaches and Specialists, Interventionists, Family Recovery Coaches and Specialists, Prevention Specialists, Sober Companions, Behavioral Health Professionals, Telemedicine Professionals and more.

We specialize in the disciplines that have been forgotten or not specifically regulated. We are open to Membership, International Educational Provider Status and regulation to create a standardization among the addiction industry that has been sorely neglected. We specialize in regulating the providers of these classes and also membership to provide the highest quality care to the public.  

IAAP implements safeguards, establishes a credentialing tool and monitors certification standards for professionals in the substance abuse and other behavioral health fields. IAAP advocates for quality, standardization and regulation on an International Level. It is imperative to have an International credential when crossing borders and state lines. No longer is addiction rooted in the local community and as a credentialing body we are able to offer standardization at an International Level.

IAAP Goals: 

·         Develop a standard credentialing process that is comprehensible, yet understandable

·         Maintaining ethical standards and procedures for consumer/client protection

·         Lobbying, advocating, and representing change at state, national and international levels

·         Evaluating training and certificate programs for safety and continuity

·         Offering management and consulting services to other organizations

·         Provide a directory for consumers to find qualified applicants