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Bunmi Aboaba
Address: 38 Beaulieu Avenue
SE26 6PP
United Kingdom (UK)
Title: The Sober Advantage
General Information: I provide a truly holistic Sober Coaching and Companion service. I take into account all levels of the persons needs, from the cellular -biodynamic to the spiritual.
I believe wellness cannot occur without the right nutrition for the individual or can it happen without the spiritual and of course everything in between.
I also use the appropriate energy therapies on the client. I find modalities such as Reiki, Crystal healing and Energy Medicine Techniques essential in clearing the individual's bioelectrical field. Just as important as detoxifying the person's physical body.
I help Professionals, Executives, Music Artists, Actors, Athletes who are struggling with Alcohol and Drug addiction, acclimatize to a truly healthy, happy Sober life.

Leeds University - England

Phone Number: 7810753769
Crystal Lee
Address: 300 Elkhorn Dr
Grants Pass, OR
Title: Success Consultants of Southern Oregon
General Information: I provide interventions, AOD counseling, and advocacy work for DHS clients. I am certified to work with individuals who suffer with chronic pain and addictions, as well as individuals on MAT. I am also a Certified Prevention Specialist and have experience of working with youth. I use the CRA model, RAAD model, Individual Counseling, and DBT.


Phone Number: 541-226-6848
Evyan Donch
Address: Viale Delle Mura Latine 24
Rome Italy
Title: Recovery Specialist in Rome
General Information: Interventionalist

The Addictions Academy

Phone Number: +393428127620
Robert Alonso
Title: S.T.L., MA, Ph.D., CASAC, C.Ad., CAC
General Information: I am Bishop of St. Timothy's Lutheran Orthodox Church-Archdiocese of Miami-Dade, Florida, Santa Clara, Cuba, & Nassau, Bahamas. We are a Lutheran ministry which specializes in assisting convicts with addiction problems. We also assist, those homeless who also have addiction problems. We have been blessed, by being able to establish this ministry in Spanish in the Island of Cuba and in the Island of Nassau (Bahamas). As Bishop, I oversee or direct the entire ministry from Miami, Florida. I have a total of 9 ordained clergy (who also have their addiction counselors certificates, some have their Doctoral degrees) members. We are trying to expand to other countries and expand our ministry. I have been an Addiction Counselor for approx. 10 to 15 years now. I would appreciate anything you can do to assist us in expanding our ministry!
God's Blessings,
Archbishop & Dr. Robert Alonso Sosa

Redding University School of Psychology- BS, MS, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
Agape Theological Seminary- Licentiate in Sacred Theology
T.A.R.P.- New York 350 hours for Certified Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counselor
American College of Addictionology & Compulsive Disorders-300 hours Board-Certified Addictionologist
Association of Christian Alcohol & Drug Counselors Institute- NAADAC & California certified Addiction Christian Counselor (400 more hours)
Light University- 60 more hours on Addiction & Recovery

Life and Wellness Coaching for Women and Men that want to improve their quality of life and well-being! This is the place where together – we begin your journey toward YOUR empowered and improved quality of life that will consist of mental, emotional, and physical wellness.
Address: 405 E Branch Suite 112, Arroyo Grande CA
Title: Master Coach / Owner / Director
General Information: The mission at Turning Leaves Recovery, Life, and Wellness Coaching is to provide personalized, high-quality care that will guide you toward an empowered and improved quality of life and wellness. We will support you during your addiction treatment recovery and transition you out of the addiction treatment bubble into the life you desire. The creation of our person-centered, goal driven, coaching practice was developed with great passion, dedication, and experience. We work avidly to continuously provide a comprehensive program that is proven to be successful.

It is our true intent to support and guide you toward your true capabilities to live life on life’s term with the development of positive life changes and personal empowerment through insightful learning, problem-solving and effective action planning.

Your recovery, life, and wellness coaching services are provided with an all-hands-on approach as we believe in working directly with you as you experience recovery, maintain sobriety, find balance, become empowered, improve your quality of life, and achieve your personal goals.

BS Psychology with a focus in Addiction
International Master Addictions Coach
Nationally Certified Professional Life Coach
Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor
Nationally Certified Intervention Professional
Additional coaching credentials:
Recovery, Food Addiction, Family systems of Recovery, Case Management, Fitness, and Nutrition,

Phone Number: 805-710-2513
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