Certified Recovery Coach Peer level

Certified Peer Recovery Coach ICRC-PEER

Why should you obtain the ICRC Accreditation?

  • Position yourself for career advancement and increased salary potential.
  • Distinguish yourself as a Certified Peer Recovery Coach who has specialized in addiction aftercare services.
  • Demonstrate your skill set to potential clients, employers, commitment to quality of care by verifying through certification the skills and competencies you have developed through years of work experience.
  • The ICRC credential reflects a commitment of the highest ethical standards for Certified Peer Recovery Coaches.

Eligibility Requirements

  • GED, High School diploma, or higher.
  • 45 hours of training as a Peer Recovery Coach
  • Current employment as a Peer Recovery Coach
  • At least one year 1000 hours of supervised experience as a Sober Companion.
  • At least 6 contact hours of education and training in Ethics, and six hours of HIV/AIDS-specific training within the last six years.
  • Passing score on the ICPRC examination within four years of the application.

Application Requirements

  • Copy of GED, High School or higher diploma or transcript.
  • Evidence of Ethics
  • Evidence of 1,000 hours of supervised experience as a Peer Recovery Coach
  • Written verification of competency in all skills groups by a health care professional that has observed your work.
  • Submission of a signed and dated statement that the candidate has read and adheres to the IAAP Code of Ethics (in application package)
  • Payment of non-refundable application/certification review fee.

Certification Costs

  • $145.00 ($100.00 for IAAP members)


Any candidate taking the  xamination specifically for an International credential must be approved by the IAAP prior to registering for the test.

Any candidate taking the examination as part of a state or country credentialing or licensing process must contact their state or country certification/licensing board to obtain the necessary code and online link to take the exam.

Test applications and fees are separate. Exam fee is $150.00

Examination Details

The written International credentialing examination is tailored to test the applicant on his or her projected knowledge based on experience, education and training.  The following skill groups are evaluated in the examination, and an applicant for International certification should be well versed in each of these topic areas:

  1. Social Skills and Coping Skills
  2. Ethical Facets of Obtaining and Managing Clients
  3. Treatment Placement, Aftercare and Legal Issues
  4. Family issues, crisis intervention and education
  5. Documentation
  6. Case management

Please submit application with the application processing fee to info@iaapro.org